The Leadership prize



Throughout the years, the Harvard Club of Belgium has developed into one of the most re-known speaking platforms for global leaders coming to, or residing in, Belgium. As a result of this, the Club has made a mark in promoting, developing and enhancing leadership and leadership models across our community and has contributed to driving positive change in Belgium.


Mindful of this, in 2004 the Board of Directors decided to establish the”Harvard Club of Belgium Leadership Prize”. The Harvard Leadership Prize is awarded annually to a person, or organization, based in Belgium or with links to Belgium, whose accomplishments reflect Harvard University’s legacy of integrity and leadership, and have a lasting impact on our society.


With this Prize, the Club aims to recognize those individuals, or organizations, who combine outstanding leadership with values and behaviors that sustain and strengthen the human and natural environments in which their organizations operate. This award also honors individuals whose professional accomplishments embody such qualities that drive our society forward and have the potential to achieve positive change on our country.