Letter from the president


Dear Harvard Alumni/ae,
Dear Friends,

As the current President of the Harvard Club of Belgium, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our Club and to the Harvard community in Belgium!

The Harvard Club of Belgium (“Club” or “HCB”) is one of the oldest and largest alumni/ae associations of US Universities in Belgium. We serve as an umbrella organization for the over 900 Harvard alumni/ae who live and work in Belgium, or who maintain strong links with Belgium. Our members include graduates of Harvard College, as well as all of Harvard’s graduate and professional schools, such as Harvard Business School (HBS), Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), Harvard Law School (HLS), Harvard Medical School (HMS), Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), and many other.

The HCB aims at helping alumni/ae stay in touch with Harvard University and with fellow alumni/ae in Belgium. We therefore organize, throughout the year, different types of events, ranging from dinner-debates with speakers, lectures from visiting Harvard Faculty, or company visits, to exclusive musical or art events and networking gatherings. We propose activities and events to our members that cover a very broad range of interests, such as politics, business, arts, sciences, law, economy, environment, and education, which has allowed us to reach an impressive record of high-level speakers, including Presidents and Prime Ministers, Commissioners, Ambassadors, and many leaders of society, such as academics, scientists and CEOs. Aside from our own Harvard events, we often organize activities in collaboration with other alumni/ae organizations (both from US and European Universities), as well as other civil or business groups.

In addition to this, the HCB aims at maintaining the legacy and leadership values of our alma mater. As a result of this, throughout the years our Club has developed into one of the most re-known speaking platforms for world leaders, from any area, living in, or coming to, Belgium and has made a significant mark in enhancing leadership across our community. In this spirit, we annually award the Harvard Leadership Prize to a person or organization whose accomplishments reflect Harvard University’s legacy of integrity and leadership. If you want to know more about the Harvard Leadership Prize, please click here.

Becoming a member of the HCB has a number of benefits, including special pricing on events and activities, as well access to members-only events. You will also be able to attend events of other Harvard Clubs around the world at member conditions. If you would like to become a member, please click here.

Finally, your views and suggestions are important to us. Please reach out to me or to any other member of the Board, if you have ideas for speakers or for events, or if you want to become more involved in Club activities.

I look forward to seeing you in our events!

Warm regards,

Jens Van Nieuwenborgh, MBA ’09
Harvard Club of Belgium